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So I havent written in a long time. We just finished our spring break and I didnt really do anything except stay home and hang out with my friends. We got 9 days off for spring break. This week is a shorter week because we get out early today and we dont have school friday because its Good Friday. School is still the same. I am doing so much better this year then I did last year.  Which is good for me. We are working on a couple projects right now. We read the book the wave and we wrote blog posts and now we have to write a essay.  We have been doing this other project for a while now but we were told to pick any place but it had to be out of North America. I chose Venice Italy. We had to research the place and we have to give a reason why it would be a good place for the company to put its new building. Of course there isnt really any new company but its a way to make the project more realistic. We are working on a couple major things but then also just some smaller assignments. Since its already April and we have school until the end of June we dont have that much left of the school year. This year is going by super fast and next year i will be heading into Highschool.  So we have 2 and a half months left of school. And things are going really good for me 

write later  Taylorr!


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The Wave 13-17

In these chapters  Laurie and David end up getting back together. Mr. Ross has called a meeting for all the wave members and he has announced that it has gone to far and its time to stop it. Kids left there mmber ship cars lying on the floors. People were very upset that they have decided to stop the wave. Laurie has gotten threatened by the wave members earlier in the book. Parents have notices changes in there kids all of a sudden from the wave, They have realized that one classroom experiment has gone way to far, they had parents complaining to the principale and if Mr.Ross didnt do something about it he lost his Job. Everything is going to far. It has turned into one big mess.

Well the book has ended but not in the way I thought. I thought they would continue on the wave but everyone would end up realizing it was a bad thing . I didnt think they ended the book in a very good way. They left us with very little detail and they didnt tell us really that much about the ending. I wish they would have ended the book with detail and  with  different ending. The book was good but I was confused in some parts of the book. With all this change happening I dont know if I would be able to do something about it .  I  could tell some one whats going on but I couldnt do something by my self. Over all the book was intresting and made you think a bit about how this could happen to you.

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All you Need is Help [ Remake]

So we were told to look for things that concern us and the earth today. I have found some websites I think are intresting and thought I  would write about it. So these world issues I am writing about are effecting us in life today. The things I chose were pollution, Technology and Animal cruelty. So I choose this site for animal cruelty because it gives out some good points it is trying to stop what is going on and they are trying to say that you don’t need the fur its more like you want it, They mention that its torchure . Heres the website The other blog I chose was on pollution. In this blog it mentioned the affects why its wrong and the things you could do about it so I thought it was a good idea it also updates it often. The idea of this blog is its trying to make more people do what they are saying. I think its a good idea heres the link to this blog. The third thing I  chose was on future technology. There are some thing wrong with it that it does cause pollution, But this blog gives out good ideas on things that are coming out. This blog indicated how we can use things differently. Heres the link to this blog So those are some of the blogs I thought were interesting and I think would be something you should subscribe to. I think they would be ways to stop these things from happening. Well I hope you subscribe.


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The Wave Chapters 9-12

A summary for chapters 9-12 . In these couple chapters  Laurie is against the group the wave. She has dropped out of the group and she has broken up with her boyfriend because of it.  The groupe it going to far anyone to handle. There are complaints from parents and complaints from teachers because kids are skipping class to go to  another class. They are  not listening and beatin up children that are jewish. They are bringing back what exactly happened before. Laurie is writing blog posts against the wave and trying to say its a bad thing.  David her ex boyfriend tryes to do after her and tell her to stop but ending up puching her down . Laurie used to be with the group but now she is agains it. Laurie doesn’t stop what she is doing she still writes saying what a horrible thing the wave is. While they had a Wave Rally she would sit in the  Grape Vine with the teachers until everyone left and she would leave to. She didnt want anything else to do with the wave.

My opinion on these chapters is that I dont think laurie is doing a bad thing. She realizes its going to far and she is trying to stop it and tell the ones that are caught up in the wave that they shouldnt be. The ones that are still in the Wave group dont seem to be there for the right reasons . They seem to be there because it makes them popular. It doesnt seem right  everyones so caught up in they dont realize the price they are going to have to pay when the group ends. They will be back to there reagular selves, everyone will be in cliques again and the popularity willl go up for some people and back down for others.

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Smart Set 2

So this week I have been leaving comments and getting in contact with people that live or have been to Venice Italy. I am trying to get in contact with these people because i need to know more about the topic. The Web is a good place to look but i am trying to look farther in and we need to have atleast 30 facts of Contact with some one which is either email or commenting with people.  I have learned that Venice Italy is common for having floods. They get so much rain that the rivers have over flowed. Venice Italy is right on the water. There town is mostly rivers or streams but some of it is road. Since they are built on a chain of 122 islands it makes it hard to find a place to put the road when they are conjoined with so many different Islands.  Venice has alot of older type buliding alot of landmarks but all of them are more ancient then they are new. They are also the most visited places. Alot of  people go there to see old building artifacts and ancient stuff. Its one of the things Venice Italy is known for.

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Chapters 5-8

So in these chapters what happened was that they  were having a stong lesson on “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE” They are  teaching a strong lesson on how it felt to be in this kind of position. Then they started a game about who cam have the best posture and how much time it would take  for them to be able to do it the fastest. They at the end  had a group about discipline and they had  been gaven cards and then the teacher said who ever has the red X on the back would  be the group leader. And when Laurie told her mom she didnt agree with the children going this far . Then they all came deeply involved with it and they all sat together at lunch and allhad there own little group.

My thoughts on this chapter are that i dont strongly agree with what is going on. I am more with Lauries mom then i am with mr.Ross.Because everything is going to go far and why is he taking everything so far. I am thinking that he is trying to do something other then to get the kids to undestand what happened and try to prevent them from doing it again. I think he is trying to make this happen. I dont think this is helping the football team in anway because its geting them more involved in The wave then anything else. They are going to do something next that is going to cause something huge to happen

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Smart Set

So I have chose a Awesome place to find stuff about. Its intresting and never lets you down with the things you see.  I Chose Venice Italy. This town is mostly on water so they use boats to get around. They have alot of aparttments and not really many houses. They have a ppopulation of 251,571 and that about a average amount of people living there. Well since there money is different then theres the amount it costs for a taxi for them is $6.50 euros and for us its $11.50 canadian. So there is a difference and its not cheap. Venice is a place Built on a chain of 122 islands. Which is why there are so many water streams. I have found on this blog that i have been looking at its in my rss feed about Venice Italy and it tells me about alot of the ancient stuff they are finding. Well they found the first door made in Italy and its Diamond Shaped and its brick at the bottom. Alot of Italian home are quite older then the houses we live in.  Alot of things i have learned about this place are things that are ancient.

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