Lets just try stop this

February 9, 2009 at 2:13 am Leave a comment

So i was reading a blog on child slavery and it said that only in Congo no other place in the world they make children go in under ground mines to find material they need to make Cell phones ,Laptops,ipods,ect . These children are being forced to do th is every day on end. They do this is gets sent out and then they dont get any money from it. Child slavery is a big issue that we need to consider.  Alot of children  are forced to work when they dont want to . So they can have money for there families. Some times they are used for slves and get no money at all. I dont think that is right what they are doing to these children. These children deserve a better life then working against there will. I have never been in a situation like this but children shouln’t have to feel this way they are supposed to play not work the parents are supposed to support the family.Not the children, So they only have this law in a place called Congo.  They dont really care if it effects anyone or not they want the money that they are making from these kids digging in unsafe areas underground.In the mean time, children in Congo are being abused daily to feed our addiction to cheaper technology.Many companies are rejecting “Coltan” for there material because of the petition Dutch sent out so in  the end they are hoping by doing this it is going to work for them.


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